October 24, 2019


Where can I get it?

You can get it in a private clinic
Or in a room, with a bunch of people in it.

You can get it in a spa with lots of la de da.

You can get it in a hospital, it’s now very possible.

It’s a portable medicine, no matter where you roam,

 UPDATE - I received my license on June 6th!!

I am presently in transition from Illinois to Washington. Transferring my acupuncture license has been no small task and I am hoping to receive my Washington license any day now so that I can begin practicing here in Seattle...

If you are experiencing burning, dry, itchy, red, eyes this spring, a great way to alleviate these symptoms is chrysanthemum flower and goji berry tea. It's a refreshing and delicious tea which is also very pretty to look at. 

In East Asian medicine, chrysanth...

Congee is a rice porridge which can be made with rice alone or with different types of meats, fish or vegetables. It can be used as a preventative food to promote health or it can be used specifically to assist the body in recovering from various illnesses. Medicinal h...

Maybe it’s the myriad current events involving women this past year but I am about to lose my s#!t this morning because of this headline I saw in The Washington Post: “Doritos is developing lady-friendly chips.” Yup, you read that right folks, l-aaa-dy friendly chips!...

February 15, 2018

Ginger and scallion tea is a classic and super easy tea to make to lessen the symptoms of the common cold. 

What it is for:  To treat the early symptoms of the common cold.

Who is it for: Adults and children who are generally healthy but are just starting to get the snif...

January 13, 2018

When I began East Asian medicine school back in 2001, I started getting acupuncture and using herbal formulas and it helped me to put the breaks on my tendency to develop at least one to two colds per year. In addition, I was no longer getting my yearly bout of viral p...

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