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The Windows To My Soul Are Burning!

If you are experiencing burning, dry, itchy, red, eyes this spring, a great way to alleviate these symptoms is chrysanthemum flower and goji berry tea. It's a refreshing and delicious tea which is also very pretty to look at. 


In East Asian medicine, chrysanthemum flowers are used for what is called "Excess Heat in the Liver Channel." This usually manifests in the body as red, burning, itchy eyes which are often associated with spring time allergies or excessive anger leading to a headache. Excessive anger you say? Yes, anger! Have you ever gotten so angry that you could feel your face getting red and hot? Well, this is what is meant by heat in the liver channel or another East Asian medicine diagnosis called "Liver Yang Rising." The most common medicinal chrysanthemum flowers are white or yellow. White is best for eye conditions. 


You may have seen goji berries in your local food store and wondered what these strange, dried "red raisins" were for. They have been touted as a super food as of late and are used for many different conditions in East Asian medicine, but in this particular tea they are great for dry eyes.


If you work in front of a computer a lot or are experiencing menopausal symptoms such as dry eyes and hot flashes, this is also a great tea for you.


You can get these two amazing ingredients in bulk from a place called Star West Botanicals.




10 to 12 Goji Berries

4 to 6 Chrysanthemum flowers

1 cup of boiling water


Place goji berries and chrysanthemum flowers in a tea cup and add boiling water. Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes. 


If you are wondering if this tea is right for you, please consult your local, friendly East Asian medicine practitioner.




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